SSC Represents at The ASHA Convention!

November 2015
Dr. Plowman, Dr. Humbert, Kirstyn Sunday, and PhD students Alicia Vose, Lauren Tabor, and Raele Robison recently presented at the annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Association conference in Denver, CO. Dr. Plowman and Lauren Tabor presented on the “Role of the SLP in the Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic: Insights Learned and Shared.” Dr. Plowman also participated in a lively debate with Dr. Ianessa Humbert on “Skill vs. Strength in the Management of Dysphagia: The Great Debate.” Dr. Humbert, Alicia Vose, and Kristyn Sunday presented on “Using Compensatory Strategies to Challenge Swallowing Impairments”. Finally, doctoral student Raele Robison gave a poster presentation at the ASHA convention.