Headliner in the ASHA Leader

For the May issue of the ASHA Leader, Dr. Ianessa Humbert wrote an article to address a sensitive topic related to videofluoroscopic swallowing studies and how clinicians on both sides of the issue can move forward together.

Here’s a teaser:

“It happens every time.

In an audience of speech-language pathologists who treat dysphagia, a participant poses a specific question, always with a hint of frustration: How do I deal with inadequate videofluoroscopy reports from other SLPs?

With this question, the interest level of the audience surges. Everyone in the room seems to have a stake in this issue. Discussing solutions to this known problem could directly affect patient care, but also involves enough fault-finding to make some attendees uncomfortable.

What developments lead to this question—and the frustration behind it? And, most important, how do we improve our communication about swallow studies to better coordinate treatment of patients?”

Read the full article here.