“Steeleman” Study Status Report

The collaboration between Dr. Emily Plowman and Dr. Catriona Steele of the Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Laboratory (SRRL) in Toronto, Canada has kicked off! Doctoral student Ashley Waito is representing the SRRL here in the Swallowing Systems Core laboratory and coordinated the first two patients to participate in the study to learn about physiologic flow of liquids used in dysphagia management. Pictured in this celebratory photo are Dr. Plowman’s research coordinator Kelby, doctoral student Jen, lab manager Aly, and (seated) Ashley beside Dr. Plowman. This study just goes to show; keeping your study organized using cupcake trays is both fun and functional! Way to go, Ashley and team!

Ashley will continue to work with Dr. Plowman’s side of the lab until December with the study continuing to run thereafter.