Major Milestone: Dr. Lauren Tabor’s Dissertation

It is with immense pride that we congratulate Dr. Lauren Tabor on successfully defending her doctoral dissertation and becoming the first PhD graduate of our laboratory! If you have not gathered from our previous posts where we have highlighted her accolades, Lauren has been an extremely productive member of the NSSR side of the laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Emily Plowman. Lauren and Emily met at the University of South Florida and began their rich and wonderful relationship as friends, mentor-mentee, and collaborators. Their shared focus on scientific rigor and quality of life in their patients with ALS was only part of what bound them over the past several years. Always supporting one another, the two have shared a very productive tenure. Lauren has multiple publications and has presented nationally and internationally on her work in ALS. She now works at the Phil Smith Neuroscience Institute at Holy Cross Hospital, where she will continue to serve patients as a clinical researcher. We invite all visitors to share comments below with impressions and appreciations of Dr. Lauren Tabor, of whom we could be neither more proud nor more appreciative. We love you, LT!