ALS News Today Feature

On August 24th, ALS News Today featured an article discussing a recent publication by first author Ashley Waito, a doctoral candidate who visited the NSSR Lab to work on a collaborative study between Dr. Emily Plowman and Dr. Catriona Steele. This particular article discusses pharyngeal squeeze, or constriction of the throat muscles, as a contributor to swallowing inefficiency. As the article discusses, swallowing safety is often a primary factor in ALS research, without consideration of how efficiently the swallow works to push food and liquid into the esophagus. The ALS News Today article can be read here, with a link to the full text of the article. Congratulations to Ashley, Lauren Tabor, Dr. Steele, and Dr. Plowman on this publication and write-up!

Pictured are Ashley Waito, Dr. Plowman, and Dr. Lauren Tabor.