Free Clinician Resources:

ARC and the University of Florida are dedicated to the provision of continuing education of speech-language pathologists and promotion of best clinical practice. Dr. Plowman has developed a series of free online educational courses, webinars and tutorials that were previously part of two popular CEU programs.

Please note that materials were recorded between 2017 – 2019 and current at time of recording.


Respiratory Strength Training

2 hour educational webinar providing an overview of of respiratory strength training and potential applications to management of individuals with bulbar and upper airway dysfunction. Part of former CTDM CEU course. ARC is proud to offer as a free resource to clinicians here. Lecture recorded 2017 -current at this time.


normal swallowing:

Redefining the Normal Swallow

Overview of normal swallowing, the inherent variability of healthy swallowing, and key barriers to limit historical clinician understanding in this area. Part of the former 2018-2019 Normals 101 CEU course. ARC is proud to offer free to clinicians (recorded 2018 and current at this time).



Skill versus Strength Training: The Great Debate

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Normal Swallowing

Normal Swallowing VFSS Library

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