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NIH Funded R01 Study

Establishing Reference Values and Clinical Decision Points for Quantitative Videofluoroscopic Measures of Swallowing

What is the purpose of the study?

This study aims to understand whether patterns of values occur in measures of swallowing behavior in specific medical conditions and in healthy participants.

Who is eligible to participate in this research study?

You will be enrolled in one of three cohorts: (1) healthy participants, (2) individuals who had heart surgery, and (3) individuals who were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and had to have a breathing tube for more than two days. Specific criteria for each cohort is outlined below.

Healthy Cohort: No history of stroke, head and neck cancer or other disorder that might contribute to a swallowing impairment.

Heart Surgery Cohort: Underwent planned or emergent cardiothoracic surgery via sternotomy and/or extended thoracotomy at the University of Florida Heart and Vascular Hospital.

ICU Cohort: Recent ICU stay requiring mechanical ventilation.

In addition, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Between 18 and 89 years of age
  2. Not pregnant
  3. No known allergies to barium

What is involved with your participation?

You will attend a single testing session in our laboratory located in the Dental Building at UF where you will be asked to undergo a swallowing x-ray study, a water swallow test, and a cough test. We will also ask you to complete a few questionnaires to help us understand the presence and impact of any swallowing difficulties that you might be experiencing. This appointment should last about 60 minutes.

Will you be paid for taking part in this Research Study?

You will receive $40 in compensation and a parking voucher.

How can I enroll in this Research Study?

Please contact the study coordinator, Maureen Folsom via phone (352)273-8632 or e-mail to find out more.

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Emily Plowman

Registered at  Protocol NCT 05497219